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all of us need to get away sometimes - jahnavi john

I do need to get away sometimes. Let me correct that: I need to get away most of the times. I know that you need to too. At some point, we need to realize that all of us are prisoners of the same thoughts, those feelings.

The only difference is the way we see it. The way we feel it. The way we perceive it. The vilest part of it is that we don’t get to choose the consequences and the aftermath. We need to accept it in its very form, in its filthiest manner and still try to get on with our life.

We need to find ways to make our short, temporary life a little less miserable every day. We are responsible for ourselves, there is nobody out there rooting for us. This is the most important statistic that we need to remember every single day of our lives. Quite challenging, isn’t it? Harder said than done.

Flaws, Rejections, Dead Ends, Love Deprived. Some the most important factors which hold a person back from becoming who they really are-- but the one which dominates them all, the most dangerous one: thoughts.

One wrong thought, one depressing one, one suicidal, one sickening, one disheartening thought. This is all it takes to turn a healthy mind into a mind so destructive, so unproductive. One thought is it all it takes, doesn’t it?

All of this, where does it lead?

No, not suicide all the time.

Sometimes the person is so overtaken by these miserable notions that they do not see things straight. Their plight is devastating to even think about. Empathizing with them is quite a task. They have no clue where they are heading to next, all they know is that whatever they do is going to take them to a darker place than before.

All this devastation starts in the mind and ends right there, the moment we start to believe that it has ended. This game is rather a complex one. You understand what is happening to you, but you entirely lose the ability to make things right or do something to get yourself out of it. It is a link chained to various vicious things. You wouldn’t know how you ended in there, all you know is, there is no way out. The mind is a prison.

Let me rephrase my sentence: the mind is a labyrinth, it looks pretty captivating, though the intricacies of it are yet to be unraveled. All of us are bound to be held prisoners in here, there is no choice as such. Once we enter these diabolical gates, all we can do is play along, and that is one hell of a task. You can see yourself deteriorating every day, but do nothing about it. Feeling helpless is the only solution to this. You are being detrimental to yourself and just can’t budge from such a malicious position. Paranoia creeps into you, all we are left is with your wasted selves, aren’t we? The only solution is try so hard, in the end only to know that giving up is the only option, and we don’t even bother to find an alternative. So we give up.

All they need to do is get away from everywhere, everything and especially everyone.

Wandered and lost. Aren’t you? Because in a way or two, we all are. We just need the courage to acknowledge the fact that getting lost is not a crime or a bad thing, we need to sort ourselves out at some point of time. Doing it now might not be the best timing, but the right timing is the time when you start. It might as well be now.

To all those people out there feeling lost and disconnected from this world, I reckon, you might need to hear this: it is not always possible to make everyone around us happy because in that process, we tend to lose the most eminent part of ourselves. Sometimes all we need is to reconnect with ourselves, find our Zen and devour it. Taking care of yourself is not a bad thing, it is rather an impressive thing to do. Even

though this world might not be very helpful, and might hamper you ways unknown, you need to know that all you got is you. Ending your life is not the only solution, it is not a way out, and in fact it is not a way at all. I know that going through all of that, on repeat, is not an easy task, but you need to understand, nobody roots for you out there.

Maybe sometimes getting lost is all you will ever need. Getting lost is completely fine, keeping in sight that returning home is important to.

Hold on in there, things don’t get better-- we get used to them, become numb. Feeling this kind of numbness is important too. After all of this, we are still going to be prisoners of the same prisons, aren’t we?

Why don’t we just hang in there, till we have to no more?


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