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apricus - simran kaur

"This short project was mostly inspired by renaissance art, specifically from the representation of angels in some of the early renaissance paintings such as the painting Angels (detail) by Pietro Perugino which was painted in 1470.

I specifically looked at not just the representation of angels but also the representation of fallen angels. I thought about how can you revive a fallen angel and elevate it to the position of angels. From this and a bit of research, I thought about the enlightenment of fallen angels. I imagined a fallen angel taking out the light left inside them in order to revive themself and catch the moment of enlightenment, but this act does also cause them pain as taking away the hopes and lights left inside you can leave a void or even cause death.

The title Apricus actually means sunny and it comes from Latin. The title was specifically chosen to symbolise the warmth of enlightenment, but also to symbolise the pain of enlightenment as sunny weather might feel good yet it can also cause pain."


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