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As The Sea Rose - Arun Nowal

The first time she talked to me, I was three and but a babe;

And she, as old as time itself.

I crawled towards her, enchanted, only to be;

Snatched away by my mother, and she said,

“You’re but too young” and so;

I returned.

The next time she talked to me, I was six and still untouched;

While she’d watched civilizations build and break.

She called out to me and I went, only to be;

Called away by my father, and she said,

“It is yet too early’ and so;

I returned.

The third time she talked to me, I was twelve and had my first scar;

And she, was calm as a lake.

This time, I went of my own accord,

And she receded, saying

“Now is not the time” and so;

I returned.

The next time she talked to me, I was sixteen and a broken man;

And she was, young as ever.

She beckoned to me, and I went, she met my body and whispered;

“It is time” and so;

I let myself go, and did not return.

And as she rose, St. Peter barred his gates,

And Lucifer himself trembled in her wake, her raging fury so.

And I watched, entranced,

Her sweet dance of destruction;

Until there was none.

And so she subsided after fourteen days

Of unaltered rage

Leaving nobody, save us

For we were All and we were One.

For it has been written,

That the sea is the only embodiment;

Of Love and Destruction;

Of Pleasure and Death,

And She shall rise, engulfing everything,

And so She rose, fulfilling her destiny.

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