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curtains: in conversation with tiny deaths

A project based in Los Angeles, tiny deaths is the alias of singer and songwriter Claire de Lune, in collaboration with producer Grant Cutler. The two exceptional musicians highlight their strengths by combining the two genres they are most fond of: Claire de Lune's R&B and Cutler's experimental music. The result is dreamy and magical, invoking nostalgia and making the listener feel like they are in a coming-of-age movie.

If I'm Dreaming, the latest EP by tiny deaths is haunting and beautiful, consisting of five captivating songs.

In this conversation with tiny deaths, we discuss where the project's name came from, processing mortality, and the impact of art.

Push up Daisies: What is your artist name inspired from?

tiny deaths: it's inspired by the french phrase for orgasm, "le petit mort." I liked it because it's both sexy and macabre, which I think fits the vibe of the music quite nicely.

Push up Daisies: What has your relationship with death always been like, and how do you view it now?

tiny deaths: I really struggled with the concept of death until my senior year of high school when a friend said "I think of it as the same as before you were born" and that brought me a lot of peace. Now I just feel an urgency to get all the things done I want to get done on earth, to take full advantage of life. Less so the fear of what comes next.

Push up Daisies: Are you spiritual or religious? How do you think your ideals affect your perception of death?

tiny deaths: I'm definitely spiritual, not so much religious. I think there's definitely something afoot beyond what we can comprehend or imagine as humans, and that brings me quite a lot of comfort.

Push up Daisies: As a creative, how does the thought or fear of death inspire you/does it ever drive you to create more?

tiny deaths: I think all creative output is a processing of mortality to some degree. Either we're reckoning with mortality as it exists now or reckoning with the pressing marching on of time.

Push up Daisies: How would you like to be remembered?

tiny deaths: As a kind, compassionate person who made cool art that maybe made life a little more bearable for others, and put my heart and soul into everything I did.

Push up Daisies: What are you most proud of in your life?

tiny deaths: That I've written some songs that made some people feel less alone.

Push up Daisies: How does the thought of death affect your everyday life?

tiny deaths: It doesn't much.

Push up Daisies: In what ways can it be healthy to contemplate death?

tiny deaths: If it gives you a deeper appreciation for the finite nature of life.

Push up Daisies: Have you ever read a book revolving around death, that left its mark on you?

tiny deaths: I think The Golden Eternity by Jack Keuroac is pretty stunning.

Push up Daisies: Is there something that you would be willing to die for? What would this be?

tiny deaths: A loved one.

Push up Daisies: What are your ideal and worst ways to die?

tiny deaths: Ideal: old as fuck, in no pain, asleep. Not ideal: drowning.


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