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galaxies - deeti gupta

Your love for constellations and stars kept you alive,

Whereas I could identify less than five;

With you, the phrase opposites attract made sense,

It was like seeing the world through the correct lens;

You shone as bright as the stars in a clear sky,

I couldn't even keep track of the time passing by;

But time, it has its phases, good and bad:

You can't, for too long, be happy or sad;

You used to say it's like the moon,

But I didn't think such a time would come so soon:

Now, I'm alone staring at the wall,

As a storm begins and rain starts to fall;

The universe, it seems, is mourning your loss,

You were the purest heart it ever came across;

The galaxies that you always admired,

Into them your soul has been wired;

The butterflies in my stomach have faded,

The stars also seem to have become jaded;

The giggles you praised have turned into silent sobs,

For you, my love, my heart aches, it throbs;

Your hands will never be in my curls again,

Until I'm with you, my love, I'll see you then;

This isn't a sob story, it never will be,

It's just the reality of life, you'll see;

Love is hard, but it's stronger than you think:

But the person you love can be gone in a blink;

It's a gamble, with only the universe to blame:

Yes, I've learnt now that love is a ruthless game.

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