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hazy notes on grief and loss - saachi gupta

i. i hope your family is doing okay without the sound of your voice.

ii. back then, i was still unsure of it all, unable to fit in. then, the night came and we strolled around town for hours, talking, and i thought, “maybe it's not so bad here.”

iii. when i'm fifty years old, you're still going to be a little teenage boy in my head.

iv. it's been a long time since i've been able to write well.

v. sometimes, i wonder if we were even as close as i remember.

vi. i started speaking to your mom a few weeks ago, and i wish i could pull the sadness out of her.

vii. i can't seem to get out of this daze you've put me in.

viii. i was told that at some point, i will have to make the choice between remembering you and letting you go.

ix. my grief is selfish, it is tiring and pointless. i just don't want you to fade away.

x. there is a lot i would give to feel your presence around me again.


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