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In This One, You Die & Leave Me Behind - Saachi Gupta

Here comes the snow,

The wind softens to a breeze

You breathe out a sigh,

Fall against me with ease.

The blizzard begins to stick to the trees,

You grab my hand, 

“Let's get out of here and freeze.”

Was the universe created at midnight, you ask

Sometimes, staying in love with you feels like a task.

Here, with your cold hand in mine, is not one of those times,

Come a little closer for warmth, hand me the flask.

And you love with your eyes firmly shut,

In too deep, too far gone already,

It's a wonder you come out unscathed, uncut

Still warm and happy, so steady.

And I grow used to your walk,

To the dimples on your face,

Grow used to having you around

On my best and worst days,

And how you hold me closer with your hands and your gaze,

Your hair after a shower, your enthusiastic ways.

They find your car in shambles, on the long, winded road,

Said you couldn't handle how much it had snowed.

Wrist twisted at an angle, the blood didn't flow,

Body freezing, hair flattened, your dimples didn't show.

And the universe was created at midnight, I think

And it ended when you left me alone here to drink

Happiness too far away to ever look for again,

As I stand here, vomiting into the sink.

In a drunken haze, the months fly by,

Midnight comes, but no stars in the sky

And it takes me a while, but I finally decide

That the snow is still beautiful

In a world without you.

And here comes the snow,

The wind softens to a breeze,

I breathe out a sigh,

Let go of you, release

Every moment we had, washed away in the rain

You were with me once, my darling,

And one day, I'll see you again.


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