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notes on grief and loss - saachi gupta

1. there are sunny skies and warm eyes and endless nights of dancing, and they will all be taken away once you're not here anymore.

2. i wrote you a letter in the last days of june, and i can't remember if i ever gave it to you.

3. there are songs that remind me of you, and they will feel like knives piercing my heart if you're not here anymore, so please stay.

4. you promised you would visit.

5. i miss how your hugs felt like comfort and familiarity.

6. you were so tall but seemed so small, and i always thought i would do anything to protect you. i still would, but there's nothing i can do anymore.

7. i first saw your name months before i knew you, and somehow, i always knew that you were going to mean everything.

8. you dyed your hair red and i said it wasn't so bad, but you never believed it suited you.

9. your laugh was a reward every time, and i have voice notes and videos and memories, but it won't be the same.

10. i am still hoping and i shouldn't. i just always knew you deserved more.


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