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patroclus's lament - cindy tran

you tread so lightly

on the sand that i wonder

if you are trying not to leave



it is inevitable

your shine has always been


even your flaws


you cannot help

but leave behind

a mark a scar a kiss


a footprint in the sands

of a world that is


i wish the water would

lure you like a siren

calling to a pirate

that the plankton would kiss

your ankles and make you its

god i wish you would fall

to a riptide

and be gone

from my side

perhaps it is that i wish you would leave me

your time is running

out i feel it

every time you let go

of my hand

every time you

leave the bed

every time you twine

my hair between your fingers and

hum the melody of your mother’s

song i hear it

i hear the goodbye

i don’t want to wonder if this

will be our last

perhaps i must leave first before the knife

finds its way into my

heart because heroes

do not get happy


and the gods require a sacrifice

i wade into the water

and wait for the call of a siren


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