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reminiscence of an old ring - ritika malhotra

Once, I attended a visualization activity conducted by Dr. Brian Weiss.

In his lecture, he mentioned that we live in an immense quantum sea of vibrating energy that is responsive to how and what we think. Our thoughts are creative forces and are constantly expressing themselves in our lives. Use them consciously and you will awaken to a whole new life of power and opportunity.

After Dr. Weiss’s introductory remarks, he proceeded with the activity.

All the participants were asked to exchange an object that they were wearing with a complete stranger. A lady who sat beside me gave a ring that was on her finger while I gave her my bracelet. We were instructed to close our eyes, visualize and use our imagination for a moment.

I did as was told and what I saw out there was surreal!

I visualized that I was standing on grass near a house, amidst numerous trees, water was gushing on my right and some sport was played over a distance. I wasn’t alone because I heard footsteps. In that scenic place, there were constant loud and clear chirps of birds.

After the activity, I narrated to my partner all the details of my experience. She smiled at me and said that “this isn’t my ring, but belonged to my late mother”.

Her house was in a beautiful and very pleasant location right on the river bank, a golf course nearby, trees and birds all around. When I emphasised on hearing numerous bird sounds, she told me that her late mother and stepfather were true ornithophiles. They loved birds passionately and were so attracted by them that they’d bird-watch all the time.

I was fascinated when I learnt visualization can come true because my partner linked the facts exactly to what I had visualized.

For me it was a bizarre moment but for her, it was important details connecting to her late mother’s life.

An object which has been with you for so long can’t be just an object. Often people say, an object is a piece of that person, especially if the object once belonged to or was used by that person.

The flashback that I experienced was so thrilling and apt; I comprehended the power of memories.


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