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renaissance - caitlin peck

"Death is not only the end but a transition. It may be to an afterlife, or reincarnation, or simply from a state of being to un-being.

Moths act in all three of these facets. When a caterpillar engages in metamorphosis, it completely ceases to be. In the chrysalis, this creature completely breaks down its cells and structure to form new cells to compose the moth. Specifically, I chose to call attention to the Tobacco Hornworm and then, Carolina Sphinx Moth for a further reason. What's unique about this moth is its adaptability. While moths usually cannot replenish their cells from their constant fluttering, this moth has found a way to regenerate and revive its cells. The particular life cycle of the Tobacco Hornworm to formless chrysalis contents to thriving Carolina Sphinx Moth is the embodiment of embracing and also cheating death.

Once there is an end, there is a beginning."


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