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"I am an emerging nonbinary queer artist working in acrylic and watercolor paints, creating abstract expressionist paintings, and a graphic designer with over a decade of experience. Born in St Petersburg, Russia, and raised in Brooklyn, I currently live and create art in Queens, NY.

My work focuses on the contrast between urban life and nature. I am inspired by concrete walls overgrown by ivy and tree branches, train underpasses covered in graffiti and grass, a strong New York summer rainstorm beating against my window, the decaying Red Hook warehouses, tiny alleys, and the way the air smells on the first few days of September.

Birth, death, and rebirth is a constant cycle found in nature, and urban plant life and wildlife is just as subject to it. Moss crawls over the walls, weeds break through the concrete, and mushrooms spring up on the sidewalk after a strong summer rain.

"UNTITLED - 191751 - CITY LIFE" is part of my minis series, which is done on scrap and reclaimed surfaces. It is meant to give a new life to things that would otherwise be thrown away."


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