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Meet The Team


saachi gupta

founder & co-editor

The founder & co-editor of Push up Daisies, Saachi Gupta is also a writer with a crippling fear of death. In her free time, she is usually talking about music to anyone who will listen, & writing for Gaysi Family & The Luna Collective among others.

If she doesn't die peacefully surrounded by loved ones, it is her dream to be mauled by a tiger or crocodile.


neeharika nene


When she's not spreading communist or vegetarian propaganda, co-editor Neeharika Nene writes and sings. She's a little too certain her passion for true crime will come in handy someday - but it's no cause for concern. Yet.

She wants to be assassinated by an arch nemesis who mysteriously dies soon after.


ira welankar

chief illustrator & co-editor

Fluent in vine references and obscure history facts, talking in textposts is second nature to Ira Welankar, co-editor and chief illustrator of Push Up Daisies. An aspiring designer and artist, she’s most comfortable with a notebook in hand, and has created the cover art for the book Gifted.

If she can't die in an old West shootout, she will settle for any painless death.


rahil shah

website designer

Obsessed with the worlds of television shows and books, is our website designer, Rahil Shah. He pretty much majors in fandoms, loves reading comics, writes on his blog and occasionally uploads to his YouTube channel as well.

He wants to die in a high speed car chase.


kanishka lad


An art student and a bit of a perfectionist, Kanishka Lad is the animator and constant advisor that Push up Daisies needs. In her free time, you can find her in bed, watching anime or documentaries that keep her up all night. Hating people who talk during movies is another important part of who she is as a person.

She wants to die in a sleep, having a dream that never ends.


atharva kenkre


Photography is not the only thing that Push up Daisies' official photographer Atharva is into. His other interests include science and spending time with nature. There is no way anyone who knows Atharva cannot know his one soft spot: dogs. Each and every dog that exists, Atharva loves.

He wants to be cuddled to death by puppies.


aryan nair


The official photographer for Push up Daisies, Aryan really likes movies, music, people, literature, anime, photography, fashion, food, and football. He spends his free time running and hating peas. An aspiring know-it-all, he wishes there were more hours in the day to do things.

He wants to die rich and famous.


nat raum


Nat is a multimedia artist from Baltimore, MD, USA. Her practice centers around creating books and zines as a means to communicate overwhelming emotions, troubled states of mind, and deep dark secrets. She currently serves as the head multimedia editor of Storm of Blue Press as well as the founder/director of Darkside Collective and Fifth Wheel Press

She wants to die doing something cool and potentially dangerous.


allison moore


Allie does mostly everything with headphones on and music playing - studying, writing and painting. She spends a considerable amount of time finding and appreciating the little beauties in life. She is a curious soul - she'll listen for hours about any niche interest. Colour is her favourite form of self-expression, especially when the right words are hard to think of. She would like to die quietly, surrounded by monarchs and sunlight.


rhea kotrashetti


A self-proclaimed connoisseur of lemon tarts, teas & espressos, Rhea writes & works every living moment. She is an amateur writer, photographer and singer with a debilitating need to see more LGBTQ+ and brown womxn representation in academia. Being a true crime & female assassin aficionado, she would be delighted to be hunted down & mysteriously assassinated by one.


sarah boada


Sarah Boada was born in Bogota, Colombia. She has implemented her knowledge of music to compose for films, participating in several short films that have been screened internationally. She was the winner of the Young category in the ASP Awards, Italy. Recently, she won an honourable mention at the IPA Awards in the Street Photography category. She focuses on the streets as they are the beating heart of cities, where people are raw and transparent. She would like to die next to a loved one.


caitlin peck


Caitlin is an artist and illustrator in Philadelphia, PA, USA. With painstaking attention to detail and delicate marks, she focuses on an internal monologue that shapes the external experience for ourselves and particularly, within the complexity of female relationships. She is also a creature enthusiast, costume builder, and set painter. She would like to die quickly and if given the option, by the hands of some sci-fi monster.

Sidonie b&w.jpg

sidonie baylis


Writer and indie music devotee Sidonie spends her free time writing, cooking and refusing to write about cooking. In an ideal world, she would spend all her time under a blanket with a cup of tea and her laptop staring aimlessly at a word document.

If she has to die, she'd like to go by morphine overdose.


rhea kothari


Rhea Kothari dabbles in works of philosophy and death when she's not busy crying about them, a photographer by nature, she loves to explore various fields of visual arts and allows herself to be fully associated and moved by the cinematic world. You'll find her blabbering about them a lot. Her chosen way to die obviously has to be in a grave, slowly suffocating to death.

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