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Death, A Black Hole - Sameeksha Agarwal

Thinking about death

Of the ones I love

Is like someone grabbed my intestine

And turned it inside out

It’s like the giddiness and discomfort

Before I throw up.

It’s 2 am on a Thursday night

My conscience is playing defence

But the shuddering thought takes over

And I shift in my seat

I hate to admit to this fear.

I hate to admit to being selfish

They say good people go to heaven

But I am the monster

Hoping my people stay on earth

For a little longer.

As an 18 year old

Who hasn’t seen the death of a close person

The topic wrecks my nervous system

My mind plays games with me

Where we imagine the worst

And only I suffer.

Death is a black hole

And it hasn’t come for me yet

What I need to do

Is to accept the fact

But I just build up metaphors

And get through the night.


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