mirror, mirror - kennedi munson

mirror mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall

Was I always meant to drastically fall?

With my smile solemnly glistening in the moonlight

And my graceful laughter cascading through the walls,

I’m ticking away like a prospering time bomb.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Why do I continue to feel sorrow for the ones I've lost?

Your exit transcends through my bittersweet eyes, as a teardrop descends recollecting your goodbyes

Your love surpasses through every blood vessel in my veins, and yet, I still feel no remorse for my pain.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

How come my apology is a song untold?

It exits, and facades an appearance of remorse and bellows beyond the frames of my freshly painted walls

Mirror Mirror on the wall

Was I always destined to die alone?

I was misused, abused, and victimized

Yet here I woefully sit, in front of a thin layer of glass,

reflecting my every movement.

Mirror Mirror on the wall

I fear this may be my last entry before I tumble

I’ve come back to say a thank you, for all that you’ve done,

Yet it hasn't’ been enough,

considering the impact you've caused.

Goodbye to everyone who decided to leave, believe, and breathe.

And hello to the new world, which shall provide me with a spontaneous symphony.

photo: rhea kothari

deathly remorse

I lay


Against the kitchen floor

Awaiting for you to walk through the door

My milk cloth dangling alongside the pantry door, longing for you to take me and hold on.

I lay


A knife in hand

Attempting to cling onto any remorse I once had

I wait and look

For y