process - dominic loise

art: caitlin peck

There is no guest list written out in advance for a funeral

only the long phone tree rings gathering over a lifetime

Branches reaching out as the news drifts down

allowing some rarely connected a chance

to reminisce raking in days long gone by

My memory fails me as I strain to remember

each step of helping my grandmother canning

fresh jam in her basement

Only that my little hands grew tired

and I wanted to go to the park afterwards

but this small kind woman’s overall patience still preserves

with me to this day even if her individual steps of that day are forgotten

As she taught me each stage that afternoon

I sensed the difference on my tongue of

the personal process versus corporate compliance

from the jam just one small ingredient placed at the long family table

Which now seems fresher in my memory than those days

when just fallen off the calendar

moments savored with age

uncapped from their jars.

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