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shadow beneath the sun & axis of the world - holly berry

shadow beneath the sun

mourning creeps up on me like a shadow

beneath the sun- slowly and stealthily,

but not entirely unexpected.

it manifests in the absence of colour

from my clothing; the vibrant reds and

fiery oranges are a stark antithesis to

the dark grief i am suffering through.

they tell me she is in a better place, now,

and although her pain is gone and the

waiting is over, it is still an excruciatingly

vivid reminder that the better place they speak

of is no longer beside me.

axis of the world

the bright sunlight is too muted, the

roar of the ocean is silent. joy is so

absent i have no hope of reaching it.

a whole week passes in a single day-

time has given up on passing, now

that you are no longer following it.

i feel the loss of you like the

axis of the world has splintered-

everything i have ever known is

askew, and nothing will ever fit

back together as well as it did

when i still had you in my life.


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