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voice notes for those slipping away - saachi gupta

1. hey, so i started reading this new book by haruki murakami– it's alright but it's kind of slow.

(i hope you'll still be here when i finish it.)

2. it's been raining here for the past few days. it's kind of nice this year, it reminds me of the rainy days i spent with you.

(please let them come back, can we go back in time?)

3. so i tried to draw today after like, four years. it's not great but it's still better than i expected. there isn't really much to do these days.

(i wish you had the luxury of time, of whiling your days away with crayons and blank paper.)

4. i was waitlisted by one of the universities i'd applied to.

(and it doesn't even matter because you're never going to get to go to university.)

5. i miss you a lot. i hope we can talk soon, and i love you.

(we can't talk soon and i'll never be able to accept that.)


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