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Which colour do you see in death? - Jahnavi Verma

“Is this what death looks like? The icy cold harshness melts away and the only thing that remains are memories, feelings and colours.”

this experiment by artist jahnavi verma focuses on how people perceive death, and how it impacts everyone differently.

on the 12th of april, jahnavi asked her instagram followers a simple question: which colour do you see in death?

based on the replies– which mostly included the colour black, jahnavi added drops of watercolour paints to this abstract art piece made with ice and paper, with a final result that was strikingly colourful and stunning.

“when people die, they slowly melt away, and the remains are just their colours– their memories, stories, and love,” jahnavi explains.

~ you can find the replies to jahnavi's question and the process of creating this piece on our instagram ~


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