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which me will i be today? - nikita joseph

I feel sky blue

I feel blood red

I can't wait to start my day,

I can't get out of bed

I'll have eggs and bacon and toast and tea,

I'd rather die of thirst.

Damn, I've never looked more beautiful!

Damn, I've never looked worse.

I'll this and that and that and this;

I just want to sleep.

I want to see all my friends.

Please, close the door when you leave.

Open the windows, let the sunshine in!

Draw the curtains, I like it dark.

I'm a different person every single day,

Who am I really, you ask.

I'm a bundle of contradictions,

I'm my future and my past.

Hopeful for the things to come,

Mournful of those that didn't last.

Happy and sad, brave and afraid,

I speak too loudly, or I look the other way

Every me has died, a little piece, every day.

I open my eyes and yawn real wide,

Which me will I be today?

photo: aryan nair


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