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Creep - Anaisha Dalal

Death is the colour of loss, pain, struggle, heartbreak, sadness and darkness, but it also includes the golden hues of the sun rising, the deep orange of the sunset, the stars peeking from behind a dark blue cloudless sky.

It is the falling of leaves during autumn and in the blossoming of flowers during spring. It is the colour of the pale blush that appears on her cheeks from a cold winter day, it is the red, sticky clot that oozes from his lip after a difficult night. It is etched in the shimmery gold metal that lies on the ring finger of your left hand, promising an eternity of exuberance and unconditional support through the ups and downs of life with your partner. It it the translucent colour of their tears slipping down their cheeks when someone leaves them, forever 19, never growing older like the rest of them.

Death is the colour of everything: it is sadly, tragically, painfully beautiful.

I’ve always been fascinated by animals and sea life, so when I saw these crabs poking their heads from behind the rocks, I took my camera and clicked a picture.

Now, when I see it, I think of how death creeps up on us.

Death is something we are acquainted with-- we know it is coming for us, for our loved ones.

But every now and then, it takes someone away from us, unexpectedly.

They leave us sooner than we expected, at a younger age than we thought of. We grow older and the ones who left us remain young; remain the same as we thrust ahead. Death is a life long acquaintance.


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